"We help brands and agencies achieve simpler, more agile, more integrated partnerships."

What we do

What we do
What we do
  • Client Onboarding
  • Relationship Performance Appraisal
  • Process optimisation
  • Client management training
  • Client rescue

1Client onboarding

Pitches are exciting and winning can be euphoric! First impressions count and Neon Bridge has significant experience in bringing new clients into an agency, working with both the client and their procurement teams to ensure all parties are set up for success.

2Relationship Performance Appraisal

RPA is a proprietary system that evaluates and reports on the health of each client relationship, in real time. Utilising a bespoke mix of quant and qual methodologies it increases client retention by delivering a true and immediate picture of the drivers of client satisfaction.

3Process optimisation

Neon Bridge are highly skilled in designing and executing bespoke processes that not only deliver best in class work in the most effective and efficient manner, but processes that will delight a client, lift agency spirits, and optimise precious agency resource.

4Client management training

It is often said that brilliant account handlers are born not made, and whilst there may be some truth in that, we believe five-star client handling is a skill that can be taught. All our training days are bespoke and tailored to each individual level and situation.

5Client rescue

Unfortunately, there are times when the relationship and dynamic between a brand and an agency becomes stale, or at worst, fractious. Neon Bridge are well versed at entering and mediating these types of very sensitive and confidential situations and have had considerable success in re-igniting the lost spark.

Neon Bridge was founded by Keir Mather following more than 15 years leading senior client-agency relationships at some of the UK’s most respected integrated and digital marketing agencies, including seven years at BBH.

Working in the top echelons of agencies gave him the opportunity to lead relationships with some of the world’s most iconic brands: Axe/Lynx, British Airways, Universal Music, Universal Pictures, HP, Nokia, and Google.

Given this experience there was not a client-agency situation that he had not dealt with, but after time he realised that the bit he enjoyed most was the bit that others often dreaded: the relationship dynamic between an agency and a brand.

Account handling is a complex and nuanced skill requiring exceptional judgement, leadership, emotional intelligence, stakeholder management and decision making across multiple and concurrent briefs.

Sometimes it can be quite unclear how it all happens, but at its best a brilliant account handling function can foster an environment where life is smooth and the work is outstanding. At its worst, life is stressful, trust evaporates and ultimately the business moves on.

Neon Bridge firmly understands this complex dynamic and can bring client and customer relationship success to your organisation.

What People Say

“Keir is outstanding. A man with integrity, passion, energy and in addition, he is an extremely nice person.”

Sir Nigel Bogle, BBH Founder


“Keir truly understands the complexities of the client-agency dynamic, particularly when multiple agencies are involved. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.”

Chris Massey, SVP Digital Marketing, Universal Pictures International

“Keir has an uncanny ability to understand client and agency relationships and what it takes to build true partnerships. A class act at client service and fearless at challenges that need turning around. He proved his value time and time again.”





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