keir mather

Client Relationship Consultant

I help marketing agency leaders increase client satisfaction.

Why? Because happy clients spend more, stay longer, and have a huge positive impact on the culture of an agency.


Client Relationship Evaluation

A discreet examination of an agency’s client relationships to understand what is working well, what might need improvement, and where there may be future opportunities for growth. This objective analysis delivers intelligence
and insight where it is needed most: at the heart of the client relationship dynamic.

Key benefits

Complete 360 degree view of client satisfaction across senior, day-to-day, and peripheral but influential clients

Deeper understanding of the key drivers of both client satisfaction & dissatisfaction

Early warning system on blind spots and relationship troubles

Greater awareness of growth drivers and where you can target organic growth

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Objective insight on individual talent, processes, team performance, and business culture

Identify new areas for service capability expansion

Short but structured 1-2-1 interviews with key senior clients, supplemented by a quick, bespoke, online survey for all additional clients probing opinion on specific service capabilities e.g. quality of strategic thinking, quality of tech expertise, quality of client management etc.

A detailed relationship evaluation report loaded with actionable insight and coupled with a recommended action plan

This is dependent on the size of business and the number of clients but a typical engagement takes approximately 4-6 weeks.

Client Experience training

A highly interactive full-day workshop to focus, educate, and energise client facing teams following the pandemic. The training is designed to upskill on best practice client relationship management and
equips individuals with the requisite knowledge, skills, and confidence to deliver an exceptional client experience.

Key benefits

Builds empathy in the new client world

Teaches best practice client relationship management

Gives confidence to spot and convert new growth opportunities.

Trains the desired behaviours for an exceptional client experience​

Areas covered

Each workshop is unique and bespoke to the individual agency but typical areas covered are below. Within each module we tackle specific tactical focus areas such as: how to run effective meetings, or how to craft communications to suit a desired outcome.

Clients as customers, who are they and what do they want?

How to build brilliant relationships with even the trickiest of clients

Fostering collaboration and making good decisions in a multi-disciplinary process

Managing complex internal/external stakeholder ecosystems

Client communications and the key documents needed to manage the relationship

The commercials: your role in driving agency margin and account growth

How to manage tricky client situations

How to spot and convert growth opportunities


Agency expertise

Significant experience leading big multi-disciplinary teams at some of the UK’s most respected integrated and digital marketing agencies (BBH, Essence, I’ve learnt my trade from the best.

Client understanding

Passionate about the client/agency dynamic having led relationships with some of the world’s most successful and complex businesses: Unilever, British Airways, Universal Music, Universal Pictures, Google, Nokia, HP...

Proven methods

Client satisfaction and organic account growth are rooted in brilliant client relationship management; a complex and nuanced skill that can be taught and embedded in any agency. My methods are flexible and proven across creative, media, tech, and PR agencies, both large and small.

Flexible model

No lengthy contracts, just a simple pay-as-you-use model. Sometimes it's a few days to audit and deliver recommendtations or coaching, sometimes it’s more. It’s all dependent on the job to be done.

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If you want to make your clients love you, the key thing to understand is that marketing is a relationships

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